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FOTA meeting in Abu Dhabi: Discussion about savings plan postponed

FOTA meeting in Abu Dhabi
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D his meeting could determine the fate of the FOTA team. If the twelve racing teams do not approve the cost reduction plan launched at the end of 2009, then there could be a big family row. FOTA is really challenged for the first time. So far it has been easy to show unity. But the cost brake is an issue on which there are at least two opinions in the field.

The crucial meeting was planned for Abu Dhabi. It had been adjourned a few times before with no result. Red Bull is a cross-driver. The others suspect the world championship team of not following the rules.

There is no evidence, but there is circumstantial evidence. The effort that Red Bull puts into development cannot be made with the specified limit of 315 employees and 30 million euros for external services. When it comes to wind tunnels and computer capacity, the current class leader has interpreted the limit values ​​very freely with flimsy justifications. When the Dutch auditing firm CapGemini was checked, there were more questions than answers. Red Bull does not want to disclose figures at all.

Marko defends himself against allegations

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko defends himself against the allegations: 'We have done what the agreement obliges us to do We are not ready for more. The opponents are just jealous that we work more efficiently than they do themselves. Now they are shooting at us from all directions, hoping to hit something. '

Marko considers the existing agreement, which expires at the end of 2012, to be unfair: 'If Mercedes is allowed to employ 450 people in its engine department, we won't have the number of employees in our aerodynamics office dictated to us.'

Red Bull brings Meeting to fail

In fact, it was Red Bull again who brought down the meeting scheduled for Abu Dhabi. Two days before the meeting, Red Bull submitted its own proposal on how the future cost reduction plan should look. As a result, FOTA boss Martin Whitmarsh canceled the meeting. The other teams simply didn't have the time to prepare for the Red Bull push. That was obvious.

You have to ask yourself whether Red Bull didn't deliberately submit its concept so late in order to get a delay. The other teams are mad at the delay policy and Red Bull's going it alone. Youaccuse the world champions troop of unbearable arrogance. 'Their success went to their heads. Now they apparently believe they own Formula 1.'


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