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Formula 1: Williams shows McLaren trick in China

Formula 1: Williams builds a rear wing trick
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Secrets do not stay secret for long in Formula 1. By the season opener in Bahrain at the latest, everyone knew how McLaren's trick works, to cut off the flow at the rear wing on the straight in order to achieve greater top speed. And since the FIA ​​made the system legal, everyone has been working on it.

Sauber was the first racing team to appear with the rear wing trick. But the Swiss troops haven't copied anything. Development has been going on in Hinwil for a year. The Sauber system also has significant differences from that of McLaren. With the C29, the air is drawn in through an opening on the left side box and not, like McLaren, in front of the cockpit. And you influence the flow on the main rear wing and not on the overlying flap.

Williams finished at the Chinese GP

The next team that the Integrated McLaren idea into his car is Williams. 'In Shanghai we are using a system like this,' announced Technical Director Sam Michael. Like Sauber, Williams will also use the openings for the wiring harness to route the air duct. To do this, the openings must be large enough. Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes have problems with it. There are no openings in the chassis that are big enough for them.

The channel has to somehow get into the cockpit and then out again, because the driver uses his hand or foot to determine when the circuit is going is closed and when not. Getting the air in is even less of a problem. 'We could use service hatches for the front axle,' says Ferrari chief technology officer Aldo Costa. “It is much more difficult to get the canal out of the cockpit,” adds Red Bull designer Adrian Newey.

Is the FIA ​​turning a blind eye?

Maybe the Virgin Racing tank failure will help the teams. The FIA ​​allowed the newbie to modify the chassis to accommodate a larger tank. The carbon tubes have actually been homologated this year. For the teams that are now looking to copy McLaren, it's just a matter of two small holes that need to be drilled in the chassis. One hopes for the indulgence of the FIA. And she might turn a blind eye in view of the indulgence with Virgin. If the structure of the monocoque is not impaired when drilling holes.


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