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Formula 1: What is Hülkenberg's test session worth?

Formula 1 test analysis
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N ico Hülkenberg finished on Friday (02/26) for the first Times a Formula 1 test day as the fastest. With 1.20.614 minutes he was even ahead of World Cup favorite Fernando Alonso. Even Michael Schumacher distributed compliments: 'Hats before this time.'

Different opinions

Williams Technical Director Sam Michael boasted: 'If we would have driven like Alonso in the morning, we would have stayed under 1.20 minutes. ' Sauber technical director Willy Rampf put it into perspective: 'It was a good lap, but not a special one. In the afternoon there was so much rubber on the track that the extra grip more than compensated for the disadvantage caused by the higher temperatures.'

Toro Rosso team boss Franz Tost was in the same direction: 'An outside temperature of 18 degrees is not that important here in Barcelona. The lap times only drop when it gets really warm.' The fact is: Hülkenberg was the only driver who chased the best time in the afternoon. '

Fastest racing simulation from Ferrari

Simulated the rest of the field The race. After calculating all the times, an astonishing result came out: Fernando Alonso would have won the imaginary Grand Prix. Before, and now comes the big surprise, Pedro de la Rosa in the Sauber. The Spaniard was even faster than Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull 'I'm very happy with the car in racing trim,' beamed the Spaniard. 'Where we still have to improve is one qualifying lap. Maybe it's also up to me because after a three year break from racing I'm still rusty.

De la Rosa's impressive endurance run promises even more excitement before the first Grand Prix. It looks like you have to say goodbye to the paper version for the first four races. Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes GP and McLaren are not automatically placed for the first eight places. A Sauber or Williams could easily intervene.

Do not underestimate Toro Rosso

Or even a Toro Rosso? Jaime Alguersuari was a touch faster than Vettel in his racing simulation. Nevertheless, Franz Tost remains cautious: 'I expect the four top teams up front. If there is a surprise, then we have to succeed in the first few races. Then the big teams beat us in the development race with their power of people, technology and money . '


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