Formula 1: Vettel sees Red Bull behind

Red Bull
Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel with a slight deficit
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S ebastian Vettel is one of the big favorites on the world title. After the runner-up in the previous year, the big attack should come in 2010. On Sunday, Vettel was allowed to go into the cockpit unplanned. He shared the last day of testing in Barcelona with his team-mate Mark Webber.

Vettel gets extra shift

'I was often on the road when the weather wasn't okay and couldn't drive that much. We agreed that I could use the morning again, 'said the German after the test final. 'The four hours with just over 70 laps were definitely important again.'

Overall, however, the Red Bull was not able to convince the experts. The RB6 showed a lot of teething problems and couldn't keep up with the absolute top times. With a light car, Vettel was two tenths behind Hamilton's morning time on Sunday. 'We weren't completely empty, but with a little less gasoline. It seems to be going quite well. I don't see us at the very front yet,' was the conclusion of the Heppenheimer.

Red Bull to some extent

In the next two weeks until the start of the season in Bahrain, it is important to catch up. 'We still have to work on it a little bit. But we are pretty much at it - both with less and with more gasoline.'

Vettel was not surprised by Hamilton's best time of the week. 'You can't write off any,' said the German, who, despite the peak time, doesn't see McLaren as the first competitor for the title: 'I think Ferrari is still very strong. Even with a lot of gasoline. But no matter how it is: So You have to drive for a while. It will be exciting. Only in Bahrain will you see who is really at the front. '


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