Formula 1: Vettel not only warns of Schumi

Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel looks to 2010
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W while it was in the other top teams came to the big chair over the winter, there is continuity at Red Bull. Pilots, designers, team leaders and engineers already know each other from the previous year and are now attacking the title together. 'Having the same drivers and the same people in the team is definitely good,' said Sebastian Vettel on the sidelines of the first test drives in Jerez.

Vettel: No substitute for Formula 1

'Everyone knows each other, everyone knows how the other work. But I also believe that the drivers who have changed teams have a lot of experience. It won't take too long, yourself Get used to. People like Fernando Alonso, who have changed teams a lot in the last few years, who know how to do it. I don't think that's a big disadvantage. '

Anyone could get over the long winter break get to know his new environment extensively. Formula 1 engines have been idle since the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in early November. 'It's been a long time. It's difficult. There is no real substitute for Formula 1. Sometimes you have asked yourself what you are doing. You get up, train, have lunch, train again and then go into it at some point Bed. That's not what you would most like to do. It's nice that we are here now. To hear the engines alone and see the cars. Now we're starting again. '

No name yet for Vettel's new RB6

Normally, Vettel always gives its new cars a name that is clearly legible in the cockpit. Despite the long winter break, there is still nothing creative for the Heppenheimer for the new Red Bull RB6 invaded. 'I'm still thinking about it,' said the German on the sidelines of the presentation. The goal for the new season, on the other hand, has long been fixed: 'I don't have to think long. That was already clear last year: to become world champion!'

For fans and the media, it will be particularly exciting when Vettel does first met his friend Michael Schumacher as a competitor on the track. But the youngster tries to downplay the importance of the generation duel. 'My relationship with Michael is the same as before. I haven't seen him for a while now and like his returnmost followed through the media. But there are more than two drivers in Formula 1. You can't write off anyone or forget anyone. This year there are a lot of teams and a lot of drivers who can be at the forefront, 'warns Vettel.

Schumacher doesn't drive for fun

Vettel did not want to give an assessment of the strength of his childhood idol: 'Michael has not been there for a few years and is now back. It remains to be seen how the new team will fare, and of course himself. There are still many things that cannot be assessed yet. It can be assumed that when Michael decides to return, he will also be of the opinion that he can be at the forefront. He's not someone who just wants to drive for the fun of it. '

Vettel won't be sitting in the new RB6 until Friday. Until then, he'll have a little time to look at his rivals' cars The Germans say it is a lot of fun: 'I'll take a closer look at the other cars and then let our people explain the differences to me. I'm interested in that. Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and every car is a work of art. Of course, it doesn't matter what the other car looks like on the track. '

A lot from Red Bull among the competition

When you look at the competition, Vettel noticed some special details: 'There are a lot of interesting things about the other cars. Also things that you know from our car from last year. Perhaps the most noticeable are those humps at the front of the cockpit. All around it was just interesting to see the other cars and to analyze how much of our car there is. '


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