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Formula 1: Vettel in an interview after the GP China

Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel exclusively in an interview
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You started the race as the fastest in training and finished sixth. Disappointed?
Vettel: E s shouldn't be today. We didn't lose because of one thing, but because of many small ones. I lost most of the time on the first pit stop. I had to wait too long behind Mark.

Should you have stayed out on slicks like Button and Rosberg?
Vettel: In retrospect, sure. But Mark and I thought it was too wet for slicks. Button has already taken a big risk. It could have rained harder. It has paid off for Jenson. Like in Melbourne.

The Red Bull seemed weaker than expected in the rain. What went wrong?
Vettel: Once we were in motion, the lap times were right. It just took a long time for the tires to warm up. So just the opposite of last year. That's why Hamilton kept pulling away from me after the pit stops.

What happened to Hamilton in the pit lane?
Vettel: We are that Opinion that McLaren Lewis shouldn't have let go because I was coming along. He came out of his parking position with a slide, then I lost sight of him in the mirror. I didn't know where he was. I moved a little to the right, but definitely not on purpose. We both received a warning from the race management for this.

In the end you were stuck behind Kubica?
Vettel: I was faster than Robert , but there was no way around him. Driving behind quickly broke the front tires. So I said to myself: It is better to drive home the result than to do some stupid thing.

How was your duel with Michael Schumacher?
Vettel: Very fair. I've come across him twice. You can tell that he's an old fox who knows exactly where to put his car in order to close the gap. When Lewis passed him and quickly moved away, he also realized with me that there was no point in countering it. He had quite a problem with the rear tires.


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