Formula 1: Vettel and Rosberg before Schumi

Formula 1: The German F1 drivers in Bahrain
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Sebastian Vettel:

Sebastian Vettel is going with you the optimal result in the new season. The Red Bull driver is starting from pole position. For the sixth time in his career. Already in the second qualifying round, Vettel's assault had become apparent. In the top ten final he distanced the two Ferraris by one and five tenths of a second, respectively. It hadn't looked like a Vettel show after the third training session on Saturday morning.

'We lost a lot of time on Friday with braking problems. That is why the lap times were not representative. In principle, the car was good and we made a decisive step forward with a few small changes before qualifying.' The lap time determined the tire choice: 'The soft tire was faster on the first lap, and as long as no one knows exactly what to expect in the race, it was important to be in front at the start.'

Nico Rosberg:

Nico Rosberg is going into the first race of the year with a broad chest. His market value rose with every training session in which his name was in front of Michael Schumacher on the timesheet. Still, in the end, Rosberg was disappointed. He had hoped for a place on the front row. Rosberg sees two reasons why, in the end, only fifth on the grid, 1.1 seconds behind, jumped out. 'Something was loose on the underbody. It was probably damaged on the big bump in the new section of the track and then always folded up and down. That was definitely not helpful.'

According to Rosberg, the tires also played a role Role. 'The soft compound actually felt pretty good until the second qualifying stage, so I stayed with it. The hard tires would have been too much of a risk in terms of lap time. But then the rear tires overheated during the lap. It wasn't more possible to drive consistently. It all depended on how aggressively you started the lap. I think that's also the reason why the gaps in the top ten are so big. '

Nico Hülkenberg:

Nico Hülkenberg had the disappointment written on his face. 13th place, half a second behind teammate Rubens Barrichello, put the young man from Emmerich in a bad mood. 'I'm frustrated. Firstly, the car is no longer like it was during the test drives, and secondly, I made a mistake. Mewanted too much in the target curve. That cost me half a second. 'The objection that you can't expect a debutant to keep up with a 285-fold GP participant right away, Hülkenberg does not accept:' I'm not interested in how many races Rubens drove, how often he has won or was world champion. I want to hit him. That's my way of thinking. '

Dress rehearsal and premiere are not always the same. Germany's youngest Formula 1 driver also had to accept that.' In the free practice sessions I had Rubens under control. But if things get serious, he can go a little further. With his experience he has the necessary security. But I have to learn that too. 'Hulkenberg is a little at a loss when he has to explain the performance of his car.' During the last test in Barcelona we were listening to the music. Now a second is missing. Somehow grip is missing. It probably has to do with the temperature. That is the only difference to Barcelona. '

Adrian Sutil:

With a tenth place Adrian Sutil was able to confirm his good training impressions. The German was afterwards accordingly satisfied with the starting position in the points. 'It went really well today. I am happy with the car. I also have the hard tires at the start. I think that's an advantage. 'Sutil was the only driver to bet on hard rubber in Q3.' I just had more confidence. That was the more constant tire for us, 'said Sutil, explaining the decision.

In the race, the tire choice could be the decisive trump card.' In the end we can switch to the soft tire again and hopefully improve again. ' The problem lies at the start, however. 'The others with the soft tires have an advantage there. I have to be careful. 'In the second qualifying, Sutil was even ahead of Michael Schumacher, in the end he was almost seven tenths slower.' That is a bit surprising. I had already thought that they were a few tenths away. But you couldn't count on it being so tight now. But I had hoped. '

Timo Glock:

Timo Glock has to get used to new standards at Virgin. The team is in the middle of one Hard learning process. At least Virgin got through the first qualifying without any technical problems. 'Some of the team were disappointed that we were only 19th, but it was clear to me that 19th was the best we could achieve 'In the end, the Odenwälder was satisfied with the performance of his company car:' It was a surprise to me that we were only 1.3 seconds behind Toro Rosso. That looked like more in the winter tests. '

However, there is still enough room for improvement.' This morning we thought that we could set a time of around 1.58.700 in qualifying, we have that unfortunately not made. But weare still the best team among the newcomers. 'The strengths and weaknesses of his car were clearly evident this weekend:' Overall, it is difficult to work with the car. It is very restless on the bumps. The engine runs pretty well, however, I was surprised how much power it has. '

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