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Formula 1 tire dispute: Pirelli gets more test days

Formula 1 tire dispute
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D he dispute about the tire tests is settled for now. In a vote on Monday (April 18, 2016), the representatives of the Formula 1 Commission agreed to increase the test days from 12 to 25. The application to extend the test drives had been made by Pirelli. According to the Italians, they need the time to test the wider tires for 2017.

2017 Pirelli tires are to be tested from July

In the coming season, not only the tire dimensions should change change, the loads on the rubbers will also increase. If the body is actually widened as suggested, the downforce of the cars should increase significantly. The result is higher cornering speeds and greater sideways forces acting on the tires.

In the first tests of the year, Pirelli wants to do the basic work for the development of the 2017 generation with tires of the current dimension. The new wider rubbers should then be used by July at the latest. The tread on the front axle grows from 24.5 centimeters to 30 centimeters, at the rear it goes up from 32.5 centimeters to 40 centimeters.

New FIA contract until 2019 only a matter of form

This should not only ensure a more aggressive look but also increase the mechanical grip and make the cars faster. The problem is, however, to find a suitable test car now. So far, only 5 teams have agreed to convert their racing cars so that Pirelli can use them to test wider tires.

Another problem is that Pirelli does not yet have an official contract with the FIA ​​for the delivery of tires for the next year owns. However, it should now be signed quickly after the agreement in the test dispute. Pirelli should remain the more official tire supplier until 2019.


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