Formula 1 Thursday check GP Belgium 2018
F1 Thursday check GP Belgium 2018
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D Thursday is PR Day before a Grand Prix. auto motor und sport will find stories and rumors for you in the paddock. We ask the engineers what's new about the car and the drivers what they think of the race. Here is our foray through the ten garages.

Mercedes with new engines

The official version is: We will decide on the use of the Spec3 engine on Friday morning. We hear: everything speaks in favor of the debut of Mercedes' response to the Ferrari offensive. The use of the expansion stage banishes Valtteri Bottas to the last row of the grid. But at some point it would have happened anyway. Better in Spa where you can overtake. Lewis Hamilton showed in 2016 that you can get onto the podium from the back row.

Once again it was clear that it is not a goodbye forever: “My decision had been made two months ago. But I'm not saying goodbye to the sport, I'm just looking for new challenges that Formula 1 can't offer me at the moment. But things can change quickly. That's why I'm leaving all doors open for myself. '

Carlos Sainz shunned Renault and Red Bull and still talked to himself:' You can't be dissatisfied when you can drive with a team like McLaren. “The Spaniard let it be known that he has signed with McLaren for the next two years. Stoffel Vandoorne is first on the road for 2019. Maybe already from Monza, where Esteban Ocon could replace him. “I'm going to concentrate on my home race for now,” said the Belgian. Then Vandoorne added: “I was close to Alonso all season. That's why I have no doubt that I'll be driving in Monza. ”

Sauber tirelessly

Sauber continues to work on the car. The underbody was modified at the front end. Two new wings grow out of the chassis. A lightweight chassis will be added later in the season.


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