Formula 1: The German Day in Istanbul
Formula 1: German F1 drivers in Turkey
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Sebastian Vettel:

By system, Vettel means McLaren's F-slot system. Red Bull tested its version of the aerodynamic trick in Istanbul for the first time. However, it is not yet known whether the F-shaft will really stay in the car. 'We still have to do some fine-tuning.'

Nico Hülkenberg:

Nico Hülkenberg's day was quite calm. The Williams driver finished 16th and 12th on Friday. 'It didn't start that badly today,' he sums up. 'But we also know that there are still areas in which we still have to improve.'

As far as the track is concerned, Hülkenberg no longer needs to improve significantly. He knows the Istanbul Otodrom Circuit from his time in GP2. 'I feel very comfortable on the track,' he said. 'In turn eight it seems as if someone is pressing against your head with their whole body weight.'

On Friday, the main task for Hülkenberg was to find the right setup. This also included the adjustment work with the tires. 'I think there is four to five tenths between the soft and the hard mixture. You can get a lot out of one lap, but the soft tire doesn't last long.'

Timo Glock:

Timo Glock was not satisfied with the first day of training. 23rd place in the morning, 22nd place in the afternoon. At least he was able to shorten the gap to the top from 6.9 to 5.0 seconds. 'In the morning we waited a long time. There was more rust than rubber on the track.' In the second training session, the car gave a bang. 'We were nowhere. No grip in the front, none in the back. The rear had zero stability. Turn 8 is still a real challenge for us. Even in the qualifying trim, it is not entirely possible. I felt more grip in the GP2 car.'

Nico Rosberg:

Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher were close together on the first day of training. In the morning Schumacher was 0.105 seconds faster, in the afternoon Rosberg hit back with an insignificant advantage of 0.060 seconds. Determined the dayAerodynamics experiments, with experiments being carried out mainly in the area of ​​the F-shaft. Since the rear wing was exchanged at Rosberg at the beginning of the training session, 23 minutes went unused into the country. Rosberg referred to the data analysis: 'There are still a lot of question marks in the area of ​​aerodynamics. The new developments are very complex.'

When the car with the long wheelbase made its second appearance, Rosberg felt significant more comfortable than in Barcelona. 'That was a one-time slip,' believes Rosberg. Barcelona was also not as bad as it looked from the outside. 'It just took us too long to find the setup. In the end, the direction was right. We just couldn't optimize the solution.'

Adrian Sutil:

Adrian Sutil didn't have to say much on Friday. His departure in the first free practice spoke for itself. 'The departure was my mistake,' he admits. 'I had a lot of understeer and got too far into the curb and then hit the wall. One luck wasn't broken that much.'

Sutil's mechanics did their best and set up the Force India for afternoon practice again. However, half an hour late. Nevertheless, Sutil was able to use the time to continue testing the F-slot. 'It was a difficult day for us today,' said the Swiss citizen. 'We tried the F-shaft, but there is still a lot to learn about it. Every beginning is difficult.'

Michael Schumacher:

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