Formula 1 tests in the live ticker

Antonio Giovinazzi - Alfa Romeo - F1 test - Barcelona - 2020
Formula 1 tests 2020 in the live ticker
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When the engines are started again in the garages of Barcelona on Wednesday (26.2.2020), it will of course be auto motor und sport back with the party. From the first to the last test round, our three reporters will also provide you with brand new information directly from the paddock in the second week of testing.

Will Mercedes continue to dominate? What happens when the engines finally crank up and the gasoline is drained? When does Ferrari reveal the cards and do the first racing simulations? And how is the balance of power developing in the midfield? Many questions still remain unanswered. That will definitely change - now things are really getting started!

As usual, we will of course take a very close look at the technology again. We already know from Red Bull that there will be a big upgrade in the second week of Barcelona. Our photographers are already in the starting blocks. No secret is safe from them. In contrast to our competition, we not only offer agency material, but also many exclusive pictures that you will not find on any other website.

With our live ticker you get a wealth of information presented in a clear manner. Garnished with the latest Facebook news, tweets and YouTube videos from the teams, we show everything that is happening along the route in Barcelona compactly on one page.

Stefan Baldauf
Red Bull has forthe second week of testing announced a major technology upgrade. Of course we will take a close look at Max Verstappen's car.

News, pictures and times in the Formula 1 live ticker

Of course, in addition to the hottest information in the live ticker, you will always find plenty of other background stories about the F1 tests on auto motor und sport . As usual, we don't focus on quantity for our stories, but on quality and relevant content. And it's all free!

So you don't have to look any further: We provide all Formula 1 fans with the all-round carefree test package with first-hand information, exclusive interviews and well-founded technology Analyzes. The cars are at least as important to us as the drivers.

We hope that you will be back with us from Wednesday, February 26, 2020 in the >> check out the live ticker ! It's best to let your friends know: we'll be ticking our fingers sore from 8:45 a.m. in the press center on the Barcelona route. We wish you a lot of fun!


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