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Formula 1 test results 2010: Red Bull world champion despite test diet

Formula 1 test results 2010
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T est kilometers and success on the racetrack are no longer necessarily related . Ferrari is test world champion with 9,269 kilometers in 19 test days, but on the track it was only enough for the runner-up world championship. And in the Constructors' Cup, Ferrari only finished third.

Ferrari in the front, Red Bull in the back

The red cars shone with the greatest reliability. Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa completed 2,194 race laps. This corresponds to 97.2 percent of the maximum value of 2,258 laps. In second and third place are Red Bull with 2,110 laps (93.4 percent) and Mercedes GP with 2,062 laps (91.3 percent).

In the test statistics, Red Bull is behind Ferrari (9,269 km) , Williams (8,708 km), Mercedes GP (8,015 km), Toro Rosso (8,010 km), McLaren (7,969 km), Sauber (7,061 km) and Renault (6,673 km) only in 8th place. Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo, however, reached 6,617 test kilometers to win both world titles. The kilometer deficit was caused by the fact that the Red Bull RB6 was only ready for the second test date in Jerez.

New Red Bull delayed again?

Incidentally, the same could also be done happen to the new RB7. Chief designer Adrian Newey is running late again. He's probably thought too long about where to put the KERS elements. The engineers promise a placement that nobody has thought of yet.

Of the drivers, the hardest-working tester was Rubens Barrichello. Ironically the longest serving, who has already covered what feels like 500,000 Formula 1 kilometers in his career and is more of a lazy test. Barrichello had a total of 4,473 kilometers. Only Felipe Massa (4,252 km), Fernando Alonso (4,173 km) and Robert Kubica (4,015 km) broke the 4,000 mark.

Extreme reduction in Formula 1 test drives

Compared to the test madness of ten years ago, these are ridiculous distances. Back then, the most ardent test drivers covered over 20,000 kilometers a year. The top teams were beyond the 50,000 mark.

Since test drives are limited to 15 days before the season and two after, 10,000 kilometers have become an insurmountable sound barrier for the teams. This year the twelve racing teams, which used a total of 44 drivers in their test drives, got two extra days. Pirelli asked for a test drive in Abu Dhabi

Test dates 2011

Only nowone break. The wheels will not turn again until February 2011. If you want to watch the Formula 1 drivers practicing with the new cars, you should make a note of the following dates: Valencia (February 1 to 3, 2011), Jerez (February 10 to 13), Barcelona (February 18 to 21 ) and Bahrain (March 3-6).


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