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Formula 1 test Abu Dhabi 2 (photos & amp; result): Info-Wing in the test

F1 test Abu Dhabi 2 (photos & results)
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U pdate ++ times ++ New pictures ++ It feels like the last day of school before the big holidays. After the last day of testing in Abu Dhabi, the 10 Formula 1 cars were packed up and used either in the museum or only in show drives. The mechanics and pilots are now off to a well-deserved winter break. In 66 days, with the test kick-off in Jerez, the whole game will start again.

First test with Info Wing-Display

You'd think that the teams would end the year on the last day. But the limited test time is too valuable for that. Pirelli has already brought some sets of the new tires for the coming season for the test drives in the desert. It is the first foretaste of the 2015 mixes 'soft' and 'supersoft'. Many pilots used the test opportunity to do long runs and collect data on the durability of the new rubbers.

In addition to the tires, new technology was tested again. Force India youngster Spike Goddard was out in the morning with a small display on the airbox called 'Info Wing', on which information should be presented to the audience in digital form - for example the current position of the car in the race, the current tire compound or the name of the driver. In the blazing desert sun, however, not much could be seen.

Most of the observers were primarily interested in what was happening in the McLaren garage. The first real test with the new engine partner Honda was a bankruptcy. The day before, substitute driver Stoffel Vandoorne was only able to complete two and a half untimed installation laps. And not much progressed on Wednesday either. The silver car remained completely in the pits until the lunch break. In the afternoon, the Belgian first drove a lap. The tow truck had to move out on the second. Again, the worm was apparently in the complicated electronics.

Wehrlein sets the best time in Abu Dhabi in the current Silver Arrow

From a German point of view, it was particularly worth taking a look at Mercedes. DTM driver and F1 test driver Pascal Wehrlein made his debut in a current Formula 1 Silver Arrow. It is the first time ever that a driver other than Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton was allowed to drive the world championship car from the 2014 season. The 20-year-old only knew the Mercedes AMG F1 W05 from the simulator inBrackley.

Wehrlein pulled out of the affair considerably. The youngster set the fastest lap of the day in 1: 42.624 minutes. That would have been enough to finish 8th on the grid in qualifying on Saturday. Half a second behind, Raffaelle Marciello landed in second place in the Ferrari. The Italian was allowed into the cockpit because Sebastian Vettel had not yet received approval. Max Verstappen in the Toro Rosso came in third, Marcus Ericsson landed in fourth place. The new Sauber entry completed the longest distance with 112 laps.

In our picture gallery we have the latest photos from the tests in Abu Dhabi /p>


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