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Formula 1 technology video: The Ferrari flutter wing in detail

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S eleven at Red Bull you could hardly believe your eyes, as Ferrari suddenly started with a new front wing in Korea. The resemblance to the model penned by Adrian Newey was amazing. When Fernando Alonso parked his red car right next to Webber's after the race, the two front wings stood side by side as if separated by a mirror. Only the color didn't quite match.

Ferrari wings flutter like a bird

In India, Felipe Massa finally got the new wing. Maranello had three copies ready by now. But with the second version Ferrari obviously experimented with the internal structure. As with the Red Bull model, the end plates bent downward at high speeds. The lower the wing is on the ground, the higher the downforce.

There was only a small difference. Under certain conditions, the entire wing began to swing. Alternately, the ends began to flutter like a bird. The end plates dragged on the ground and let the sparks fly. 'The wing looked a bit excited,' said Ross Brawn with a grin.

Two destroyed wings in India

Ferrari cited manufacturing problems and Massa's special setup as possible reasons. In Maranello, however, they want to investigate more precisely why the wing rocked so much under certain conditions. Incidentally, of the three copies, two ended up in the bin. The first one was destroyed by Felipe Massa in his training crash, the second one cracked in the collision with Hamilton and later broke during the fluttering movement.

Incidentally, the similarities with the Red Bull model should not have arisen by chance . As technical director Adrian Newey confirmed, part of the RB7 wing did not show up after the Mark Webber crash. Red Bull did not want to openly state that the carbon part landed in Maranello and could have served as a template for the copy.

Wing details in the technology video

The Italian technology expert Giorgio Piola shows the new wing exclusively for auto-motor-und-sport.de from all perspectives in his 3D animation and clearly shows the differences to the predecessor. The explanations for the individual scenes can be found in the photo gallery.


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