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Formula 1 technology (exclusive): Red Bull double DRS trick in the video

Formula 1 technology (exclusive)
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R ed Bull got the second air just in time for the end of the season . With victories in Singapore, Suzuka and Korea, world champion Sebastian Vettel has brought himself back into pole position in the Formula 1 title fight. But the Heppenheimer did not manage the hat trick all alone. The Red Bull technology department provided proper shooting help.

As our exclusive technology animation shows, Vettel's sports equipment was completely overhauled from the rear to the front for the night race in Singapore. In addition to the new nose and the new wings at the front and rear, the double DRS in the rear made the headlines. The duct system in the rear wing was already on board in Singapore. Auto motor und sport exclusively revealed the secret in Suzuka.

Red Bull technology tricks in the video

Our Italian technology expert took a close look at the Red Bull and again Have a clear 3D animation of the most important changes made. Of course, the video also shows how the air in the rear is diverted with the new double DRS and thus reduces the air resistance at the push of a button.

In the photo gallery we also explain the modifications again in detail. In addition to the screenshots, we have also added new images from Korea.


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