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Formula 1 technology 2019: first picture of the new front wing

Formula 1 technology 2019
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D he fans demand action. However, apart from the artificial overtaking aid DRS, all measures to make it easier for the cars to follow closely behind have failed. The complicated aerodynamics of the racing car is so strongly disturbed by the turbulence in the air in front of the car that downforce is lost, especially on the front axle, and the cars begin to slide. The result is increased tire wear. The man behind has to tear down at some point.

But those responsible in Formula 1 want to significantly improve the situation as early as 2019. Thanks to new aerodynamic rules, cars will no longer react so sensitively to so-called 'dirty air' - at least that is the hope of the technicians and drivers. The most important element in the package of measures is the new front wing.

ert. In order to compensate for the loss of downforce, the width of the tail unit grows from 1.80 to 2.00 meters. The wing is also 2.5 centimeters more deep and now starts 122.5 instead of 120 centimeters in front of the center line of the front axle.

The structure has been significantly simplified so that the wing reacts less sensitively to a disturbed flow. The elements may only have five different profiles (main sheet + flaps) and may not be stacked on top of each other. This prohibits the extremely nested forms in several floors. In addition, only two vertical flow straighteners per side will be allowed under the wing in the future.

We are already showing you in the photo show how this will look in the future using exclusive pictures of the new Force India wing. In preparation for the new season, the small team from Silverstone had a wing made according to the 2019 regulations, with which the engineers want to collect data on the two test days after the Hungarian GP.


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