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Formula 1: Teams have to convert mirrors by Barcelona

Formula 1: mirror modification
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I n Melbourne, the pilots were no longer criticized Overhear: The drivers complained in rows that they could not see back through the exterior mirrors, which are mounted far outside in the wind deflectors. The mirrors were not only useless but a real safety risk.

FIA: Delay until Barcelona

That is why the FIA ​​stepped in. The world association's experts asked the teams to reattach the mirrors to their traditional positions on the cockpit wall. The operation should be completed by Shanghai.

The teams could no longer avert the measure, but at least delay the deadline a little. Instead of China, the Grand Prix of Spain is now the first race in which all mirrors have to move inwards again.

No time to change

The teams had argued that there was not enough time for the conversion on the Asian trip. From Australia the cars go directly to Shanghai via Malaysia. After the GP China, the teams now have three weeks for the conversion.

Incidentally, not all cars are affected. Seven models have followed the trend of integrating the mirrors in the wind deflectors: Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Ferrari, Williams, Force India, Sauber and HRT. Nothing will change for the Mercedes, McLaren, Virgin, Lotus and Renault teams.


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