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R a mathematically, the half-time of the season was only at GP England. But the teams’s major technology offensive began one race earlier in Valencia. After returning from Montreal almost all the teams got mobile.

The winner of the last races is Williams

Red Bull, Williams and MercedesGP introduced the F-slot. Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, MercedesGP, Renault and Force India copied the blown diffuser. Sauber and ToroRosso did conventional development work. It is therefore advisable to analyze how the teams have fared since the turning point at the European GP. Who has improved? Who Slipped? The result is pretty clear.

The winner of the last four races is Williams. The Grove racing team increased from eight to 40 points. While there was only one point on average in the first eight races, there have been eight points per Grand Prix since Valencia. The retrofitting with the F-shaft and the blown diffuser proved to be a direct hit, as did the change to a new aerodynamic concept. Like Red Bull, Williams is now turning on his car. Significantly higher at the rear than at the front.

Sauber recorded a similar increase. From one to 23 points. Before Valencia, the Swiss racing team was hopelessly ninth. Now he can even dream of catching up with Force India. After modifications to the front wing and diffuser, the Sauber C29 works with a wider range of ground clearance.

Force India big loser

Force India is the big loser in midfield. Most recently there were only three points per Grand Prix. Before that, Force India had asserted itself in sixth place in the World Cup table with a points average of 4.375. Technically, the team stagnates, losing four important engineers in one month. The blown diffuser that debuted in Hungary was not yet a wild card. Meanwhile, the Silverstone team can already feel the hot breath of Williams.

ToroRosso has slacked in the last few races. That was because the further development stopped for some races. The ToroRosso STR5 was not modified on the front wing and diffuser until the Hungarian GP. Without resounding success so far.

In the top group only Red Bull increased compared to the first eight races. The racing team from Milton Keynes continues to give away points. At Mark Webber's Salto in Valencia, his oil supply problem inHockenheim, Sebastian Vettel's starting mishaps and the German's SafetyCar episode in Hungary fell short every time.

Fortunately for Red Bull, the great World Cup opponent McLaren began to falter. The replica of the blown diffuser cost McLaren substance. One has not yet recovered from the side effects of the delicate technique. Lewis Hamilton's retirement in Hungary was another low blow.

Ferrari was able to maintain its form. Technically, the car is better than the score shows. The Reds lost many points in Valencia and Silverstone due to bad luck and breakdowns at the command post.

Renault and Mercedes GP slipped

The two teams were badly hit by the Wanted to catch up with the top trio. Renault lost an average of 3.125 points per race compared to the first half of the season. The clear round at the GP England hurt. In Hungary, Robert Kubica dropped out as a points supplier after the collision with Adrian Sutil in the pits. The decline was not only due to bad luck.
The latest stages of development did not bring any significant progress. Kubica loudly calls for the F-slot. 'We'll need him in Spa and Monza.'

MercedesGP got even worse. 108 points in eight races became 24 points in four Grand Prix. The point quota fell from 13.5 to 6.0. At the Hungaroring, the Silver Arrows went empty-handed for the first time this season. Experiments with the underbody, rear wing and F-slot became an own goal because they didn't work right away. In Hungary, Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg drove a hybrid. New rear wing, old underbody. That did not allow a fair assessment of the car. Only at the Belgian GP at the end of August will we know whether the overhaul of the MercedesGP W01 that was started in Valencia is really bearing fruit.


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