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Jokes about Virgin

V irgin boss Sir Richard Branson is satisfied with the start of the Formula 1 season. Despite the many technical problems, despite the ridicule that descends on his team. 'That just shows how difficult the business is. I started my airline just as small at the time,' said the pop star among the airline bosses in Melbourne. 'The only thing he doesn't find funny is the number with the tank that is too small,' says Timo Glock. 'Mainly because people are cracking stupid jokes about whether his planes will make it across the Atlantic.'

Burnout syndrome at McLaren

Lewis Hamilton had an appointment at the police station on Monday morning after the Australian GP at 9.30 a.m. He was presented with a traffic hazard report for producing a burnout at a traffic light in Melbourne on Friday. Annoying for Hamilton, because he is a representative of the FIA ​​safety campaign on public roads. The cavalier start left just as little impression on the police officers on duty as the objection that they were dealing with a Formula 1 driver.

Hamilton was treated on the spot by the police as if he were a felon. The law enforcement officers clearly enjoyed the attention. They recognized their famous client immediately. As all the details could be read in the Australian newspapers in the following days, it can be assumed that the mole was with the police. 'As an Australian, you would lose your driver's license for such an offense,' said Williams technical director Sam Michael. He has to know. Michael is from Sydney.

Hamilton had to pay 580 Australian dollars (approx. 400 euros) on site. The car, a Mercedes E63 AMG, was confiscated. Teammate Jenson Button was luckier. He was caught doing the same offense the day before but got away with a warning. Perhaps the winner of the Australian GP enjoyed a world championship bonus.

Massa annoyed by cell phone reporters

Felipe Massa can sympathize with Lewis Hamilton. The witch hunt for his World Cup opponent in 2008 reached its peak when photos and videos of the police action after the burnout suddenly appeared on the Internet. Massa shakes his head: 'This danger lurks everywhere. Everyone has their cell phone with them and is always ready to take pictures of such thingsshoot. As an athlete, you can no longer afford anything in your free time. If I were caught with a glass of beer in hand, I would have to be told why I drink alcohol. 'That's why Massa is happy when he returns to his home country Brazil.' There is the culture of using other people with their cell phones take photos and put the pictures on the Internet, not yet so pronounced. '

FIA traffic tickets

The FIA ​​has cashed in Melbourne. Four speed defenders There were flashes in the pit lane. The front runner was Vitaly Petrov with a fine of 7,000 euros. Nico Hülkenberg paid 1,800 euros, Bruno Senna and Adrian Sutil 1,600 euros each.

Everyone likes Melbourne

Mark Webber doesn't believe in anything Plans to move the Australian GP from Melbourne to Sydney. 'Where will this Sydney Grand Prix take place? All drivers like Melbourne, and a new five-year deal has just been signed with the race here at Albert Park. 'The discussion arose because New South Wales Prime Minister Kristina Keneally had made claims to move the Grand Prix to Sydney 294,000 spectators over four days in Melbourne backed the event in the city on the Yarra River. Melbourne boss Ron Walker had put on a horsepower show that every European organizer could learn from V8 touring cars, Formula 5000, Formula Ford and GT racers in Albert Park.

Software update

The Australian GP was the opposite of that GP Bahrain. Overtaking maneuvers and duels galore. Psychology is a lot, believes Clean Head of Technology Willy Rampf.' The software between en accelerator and motor. In other words, if the drivers are forced to overtake, then so will they.

Hamilton has to decide

This week Lewis Hamilton has a problem: 'I'm a fan of Arsenal, but I admire the playing culture at FC Barcelona. And I know Thierry Henry very well. ' Both teams meet in the Champions League. Hamilton's tip: 'I'm afraid Arsenal only have outsider opportunities against this super team.'

Kovalainen wants to attract attention

Heikki Kovalainen changes his helmet design every year. 'The basic theme always remains the same. I just change the colors and a few things around them so that I can later assign the helmets to the years. An artist built my name into the white surfaces of the helmet in a futuristic font.' The Finn also changed colors for Lotus. From red to green. 'But not the dark lotus green. I chose a luminous color with thatyou can recognize me better on the track. '

Safety first

The Australian GP also made its reputation as a crazy race on its 15th appearance in Melbourne There has been at least one safety car phase in five races since 2004. The pacemaker car deployed twice in 2004, five times in 2007, three times in 2008 and twice last year, this time after the crash on the first lap Work for safety car driver Bernd Mayländer.

Bulky pile

The crash of the first lap cost Sauber and Toro Rosso dearly Sebastien Buemi was hit by Kamui Kobayashi's Sauber 150,000 euros damage. Sauber was able to at least save the chassis of the accident vehicle. Williams, on the other hand, got off lightly. 'Only the steering and a few front wishbones were broken,' reported technical manager Sam Michael /p>

Bruno? Senna? Lalli?

What's the name of Bruno Senna really? The nephew of Ayrton Senna, who died in an accident in Imola in 1994, explains: 'My passport says Bruno Senna Lalli. In Brazil we choose our names as we want. There is no rule which of the parents' surnames we give ourselves.' The HRT F1 driver began his career as Bruno Lalli. 'Then people found out that I was a relative of Ayrton. If I had refused to take his name, people would have called me a coward.'

Trulli accepts challenge

Jarno Trulli has been racing in Formula 1 since 1997, and it could be his first season without World Championship points. The new Lotus driver can live with that: 'As a racing driver, you have to take on new challenges. I want to prove that I can start from scratch and build a team. Even if it's tough that this season is actually just a preparation for the next one is. '

Hollywood Down Under

John Travolta was the star guest at the Australian Grand Prix. The hobby jet pilot and Qantas ambassador was flown in by the main sponsor to lead the parade of drivers and to wave the checkered flag. When the Hollywood star announced that he would cross his fingers for local hero Mark Webber, he had the Melbourne audience on his side for good.


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