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Formula 1: Stirling Moss after a lift accident in the hospital

Formula 1: Stirling Moss in the hospital
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S tirling Moss has had some serious crashes in his career survived. But even in retirement, the Guardian Angels still seem vigilant. In an elevator accident, the 16-time Grand Prix winner fell three floors and suffered severe fractures in his foot and injuries to his spine. His family announced this on Monday (March 8th).

Moss on the mend

The former Formula 1 driver came to the intensive care unit in a London hospital after the accident on Saturday evening. After an operation, he is on the mend.

The accident occurred when the elevator door at Moss' home on the third floor opened, but the elevator was waiting on another floor. Moss then stepped into the narrow elevator shaft and crashed, said his wife.

No internal injuries

Miraculously, Moss suffered no internal injuries . British Racing Drivers' Club Chairman Stuart Pringle said he was 'in good spirits' and had already complained about the quality and size of the hospital breakfast.

Moss is considered one of the best Formula 1 drivers . He finished second four times in the World Cup, three times third, but he was denied the coronation as world champion. After a bad accident on the race track in Goodwood in the south of England in 1962, he had to end his career.


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