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Formula 1: Out for Campos Meta 1?
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C ampos is desperately looking for money. Otherwise he can write off his first Formula 1 season. Dallara built a chassis for Campos so that it passed most of the crash tests, but because invoices have not been paid, there are still no attachments. For example the Cosworth engine. The Spaniards' greatest bargaining chip is the starting place that the world association awarded them last summer. In contrast, the new Serbian racing team Stefan GP is still on the waiting list. Zoran Stefanovich has money, he has competitive cars with the Toyota TF110 planned for 2010, but he still lacks the right to start.

Stefan GP has already shipped equipment to Bahrain

That could change in the next few days. It's not for nothing that Stefan GP has already shipped material for the season opener in Bahrain. Allegedly he took his competitors from Spain by surprise with a trick. Zoran Stefanovich is said to have bought the rights to the Dallara chassis. If Campos did get some money, he wouldn't have any cars. So the merger with Tony Teixeira makes no sense.

The Portuguese had a belly landing with his A1 series last year. Teixeira should still have open invoices from suppliers. Ferrari is said to be waiting for $ 8 million for cars and engines. Therefore, Bernie Ecclestone Teixeira told that he would only agree to join Campos when all liabilities have been paid off. It would be bad for the image of the sport if the bailiff stood in the paddock in Bahrain to seize parts of the team.

Is Jacques Villeneuve making his comeback?

However, these discussions are invalid if it is true that Stefan GP is blocking the purchase of rights at Dallara Campos. With the Serbian team, a person is returning to Formula 1 who made headlines for months in 2007. Mike Coughlan was the main character in alongside Ferrari saboteur Nigel Stepney McLaren espionage scandal. The Englishman is planned as technical director for Stefan GP.

The pilots for Stefan GP have already been determined. In addition to the former Toyota protégé Kazuki Nakajima, ex-world champion Jacques Villeneuvecelebrate a comeback. The Canadian contested his last Grand Prix at the 2006 German GP. Villeneuve is already preparing for his return to the GP circuit. He booked a special training session on the neck muscle simulator with his physiotherapist Erwin Göllner from February 2nd to 4th.


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