Formula 1: Stefan GP wants Ralf Schumacher

Formula 1: Stefan Grand Prix is ​​looking for F1 drivers
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D he 34-year-old confirmed to have heard of the interest of the Serbian Zoran Stefanovic. According to 'Bild', Ralf Schumacher and the businessman have already met. He is firmly planning the start of his team this season.

Stefanovich sends equipment to Bahrain

On the homepage, Stefan GP already boasted that he was the first racing team to have a container full of equipment Sends to Bahrain for the first race without having a starting place. However, it cannot be ruled out that one of the two rather clammy teams Campos and USF1 could sell their license. This could pave the way for Stefanovic.

And Ralf Schumacher? 'All in all, the framework conditions such as team structure, prospects of success and competitive material should be right for me,' he said of a possible return like his brother Michael (Mercedes Grand Prix). 'As I've said for the past two years, I would consider returning to Formula 1 if there was an offer in a competitive car.'

With Toyota material in that Formula 1

Stefan GP wants to test his new car in Portimao from February 25th to 28th, according to the announcement. Stefanovic relies on Toyota material. Ralf Schumacher, who would otherwise be 'very happy' about another season in the German Touring Car Masters in a Mercedes, drove for the Japanese from 2005 to the end of his career in 2008.


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