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Formula 1 statistics 2016: 998 overtaking maneuvers in 21 races

Pit stops, overtaking maneuvers, safety cars
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E s was the longest season of Formula 1. You Lasted 252 days, over 21 races, 1,268 laps and 6,397 kilometers. It also provided inflation to pit stops and overtaking maneuvers. Without drive-through penalties, the 11 Formula 1 teams completed a total of 840 pit stops, an average of 40 per race.

128 position shifts at the GP China

The front runner was the GP China with 66 pit stops, the bottom of the list GP Russia with 24th Sochi is still the classic one-stop race. Pit stops and overtaking maneuvers are sometimes related. Because many pit stops mix the field and are also a sign that the tires are deteriorating significantly. This creates speed differences in the field and thus opportunities to overtake. This is why the GP China is far behind in first place in overtaking maneuvers. A total of 128 position shifts were counted on the track. The first round is always excluded from these calculations.

There was also action in Bahrain (84), Spielberg (70) and Brazil (66). The opposite was the Hungarian GP. The 70 laps on the Hungaroring turned out to be more of a procession with only 11 overtaking maneuvers. Silverstone is not doing much better with 15 changes. The Grand Prix began on the traditional English track on a wet track. And that is usually a good prerequisite for many overtaking maneuvers. Not in Silverstone.

It worked in Monte Carlo. 27 overtaking maneuvers count on the street circuit like 100 elsewhere. The rain helped at the beginning and the drying route later. In contrast, surprisingly little was overtaken in Mexico. Despite the 1,200 meter long home straight. But the minimum of downforce offered by the mountain air also makes braking more difficult.

In 2016, the Safety Car deployed 17 times in 10 races for a total of 67 laps. Bernd Mayländer does not have to worry that the virtual safety car will make him unemployed. His workload over the past two years has been similar. In 2014, the Mercedes-AMG GT S took to the track 15 times in 10 races for 57 laps. In 2015 Mayländer achieved 64 leading laps in 13 outings in 11 races.


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