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Formula 1 statistics 2010: Vettel winner in five categories

Formula 1 statistics 2010
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D he world champion will be chosen on points. The score alone is not always meaningful. The number of victories, pole positions, fastest laps of leadership kilometers, race kilometers and the average of the starting positions often also tell a story. Namely who really was the fastest, most consistent and most reliable driver. Sebastian Vettel is ahead in five of the seven rankings.

Vettel shares one title with Fernando Alonso. After victories. The two World Cup combatants each stood at the top of the podium five times and together they won more than half of the 19 races. 'If Sebastian hadn't been so unlucky, it would have been nine wins,' said Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. Incidentally, the winners only include the five men who have fought for the title over the entire season.

Vettel in qualifying just ahead of Webber

The number of pole positions and the average of the 19 places on the grid shows pretty clearly who was the fastest man this season. Vettel cleared ten best training times and was always in the front row with an average starting position of 1.95. His worst starting position was sixth in Monza.

Second in both training disciplines is Mark Webber. With five best times in training and an average of 2.79, the Australian is already well behind Vettel. However, that belies the fact that the gap in training was often in the hundredths range. If you add up all 19 training times and add the checksum, Vettel comes to a time of 1.30.273 minutes. Webber's qualification times averaged 1.30.324 minutes. This results in an average time difference of just 0.051 seconds in favor of the German.

Button in third place in the lead kilometers

The new world champion also usually set the tone in the race. Vettel drove 2,032.9 of a total of 5,739.4 kilometers at the front of the field. Followed by Mark Webber with 1,444.6 kilometers. Third place is a surprise. Jenson Button is 796.3 kilometers ahead of Fernando Alonso and team-mate Lewis Hamilton. This is because the 2009 world champion tried out alternative strategies every now and then, later when his colleagues went to the pits for the first tire change and thus inherited laps of the leadAlonso and Hamilton lead race laps with five awards each. With Robert Kubica and Vitaly Petrov, two Renault drivers also smuggled their way into the top 5 hit list.

Alonso just 58 kilometers below the maximum distance

Also in the table of those covered Race kilometers, a name appears that had nothing to do with the outcome of the World Cup. Toro Rosso driver Jaime Alguersuari is fourth. The two Ferrari drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa clearly won the trophy of the most reliable drivers. Vettel follows in third place. Despite his two defects in Australia and Korea, despite the collision with Webber in Istanbul. Vettel is missing 279.5 kilometers on Alonso. So almost a GP distance. Alonso's performance is remarkable because it is only 58 kilometers below the maximum distance.


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