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Formula 1 special edition from auto motor und sport
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W he drives for which team? When and where will the 21 races take place? How did the 10 Formula 1 cars of the 2018 season differ? Who have been the 68 world champions since 1950? In the Formula 1 special edition of auto motor und sport you will find all the answers on 132 pages. With all the facts and data. But that's not all. We have prepared a lot of background stories and analyzes for you.

About the reform of the major rule reform of 2017. What the Halo is really about. About the latest technical tricks of the engineers. About the GP France, which is returning to the calendar and which, like almost no other, has always been on the move. Read stories about the racetrack monsters of the past, from Reims to Clermont-Ferrand.

Who is the best: Hamilton, Vettel or Verstappen?

Of course we also deal with that Asked if Ferrari and Red Bull are able to beat subscription winners Mercedes. In theory, probably. But also on the racetrack? To do this, let's compare the three superstars in the business. What speaks for Lewis Hamilton, what for Sebastian Vettel, what for Max Verstappen? Plus the best photos of the test drives in Barcelona.

Of course, we are concerned with the question of whether Ferrari and Red Bull are able to beat subscription winners Mercedes.

We also took a close look at Nico H├╝lkenberg's Renault team. Is the French national racing team already a top team? What is still missing? Force India told us in detail the effort that went into developing last year's car step by step from the basic version to the Abu Dhabi specification. Did you know,that a third of all parts were produced for the garbage can? Fernando Alonso should not be missing either. We accompanied the Spaniard on 8 pages on his trip between Formula 1, IndyCar and WEC. Is it the legitimate successor to the all-rounders from the 60s and 70s?

If you want to know the answers, read our special issue. The big Formula 1 preview will be available at the kiosk from March 16 for 4.90 euros.


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