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Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel with three rivets at the start of the season

Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel is unlucky
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E s is as bewitched for Sebastian this year Vettel. Despite the lucky charm in the shoe, the young Heppenheimer was not particularly favored by Fortuna in the end. In the first race in Bahrain a spark plug struck, in Australia a wheel nut caused points to be lost. Two defects that are hard to beat in terms of rarity. 'That was just bad luck,' said Vettel in his fate.

What the Red Bull can do when everything goes smoothly, the Heppenheimer showed in Malaysia. A double victory couldn't be achieved much more confidently. The competition had already robbed themselves of all chances of victory in the rain qualifying.

A messed up race in China

But when the start lights in China went out, all the racing gods turned against Vettel again. In the first corner, of all people, team-mate Mark Webber pulled past, only to hinder him during the pit stop one lap later. 'Unfortunately, Mark hit the jack at the front and damaged his front wing. That cost both drivers time in the end,' complained team boss Christian Horner after the race. 'That is just the suffering of the second,' added Vettel.

By the time the Australian was finally cleared, Vettel had already gambled away all chances of victory. To make matters worse, changing tires was the wrong tactic. The decision was corrected with another pit stop. The unfortunate overtaking maneuver on Adrian Sutil, in which Lewis Hamilton slipped through, cost additional time and a place. At the second start after the second safety car phase, Vettel looked bad again. 'For some reason we got the tires up to temperature too slowly.' In the end, it was all about damage control. Because of the decision for a pure dry setup, more than sixth place was simply not possible. Even Robert Kubica in the Renault didn't have to fear Vettel.

Vettel only finished fifth in the World Championship

'There is not often a race like this,' complained Horner then his own fate. 'If you start from first and second place, you can unfortunately only lose.' Vettel did not see the situation as black. 'You could have lost a lot more. We can still be satisfied with sixth place.' Nevertheless, the frustration remained in the end. 'We definitely had the speed to land further up front,' said the China winner from 2009.

In the World Cup ranking, Vettel slipped to fifth place,and is now 15 points behind leader Jenson Button. 'Unfortunately, our main competitors arrived before us. That is of course not particularly nice.' All teams have three weeks until Barcelona to process the season opener. Vettel cannot afford much more missed opportunities if he wants to fulfill his great dream of the title. He had to experience this last year.


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