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Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel exclusively to Bahrain

Sebastian Vettel exclusive
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How big is the disappointment?
V ettel: Huge size. I controlled the race. I was clearly faster on the soft tires than the Ferrari. After changing tires, I took it easy to save tire rubber for the final. Once Alonso made an attack and got a little bigger in the rearview mirror. He probably thought: I'll blow the attack, then maybe he'll make a mistake. But I was able to show him in the next round who's the boss.

What happened then?
Vettel: Somewhere in the slow sector made it poof. I immediately felt that performance had plummeted. I couldn't defend myself anymore. On the straight, I didn't even make it into seventh gear. First the Ferraris whistled at me, then Hamilton in the McLaren.

And then the Mercedes GP got closer and closer?
Vettel: Exactly . These last 15 laps took a long time. They just didn't want to stop. At first I thought that the Mercedes would also catch up with me. We changed a few things in the engine setting so that the loss of power was reduced. I fully concentrated on the corners and still had reserves with the tires. A fourth place is better than zero points.

Your conclusion?
Vettel: We were the fastest on a racetrack, the layout of which our car doesn't necessarily suit. That is a positive sign. Still, I would have loved to have won. The trophy in Bahrain is just great. A huge thing, handmade, not as cheap as at many other Grand Prix. Last year, when I was second, I almost had my hand on it. I've been looking forward to the trophy in the cockpit the whole time. I didn't miss the champagne. There is no alcohol on the podium in Bahrain.


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