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Formula 1 season opener: Mercedes talks Ferrari strongly

Stefan Baldauf
Silver arrows before the start of the season
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I n Fellbach is the entire history of Mercedes motorsport. All racing cars that have represented the star on the racetrack are retiring here. The icons are housed in 18 wooden drawers. Against this unique backdrop, the defending champion gave the last press conference before leaving for Melbourne.

All statements had one thing in common. You talked Ferrari strongly. Just don't give the impression that Mercedes could go it alone again. But the more Mercedes praises Ferrari's strengths and leaves its own qualities open, the more the suspicion that the Silver Arrows are ahead again.

Mercedes expects Ferrari upgrade in Melbourne

Nico Rosberg is also convinced that Ferrari is getting closer is. Lewis Hamilton goes into more detail: 'Ferrari has improved tremendously. They had strong times in the test and I think they'll bring an upgrade before Melbourne. We're going to have a real battle with them.' But he also says: 'Due to the many kilometers we have an extremely good understanding of the setup and the tires.'

Mercedes loosens up Behavior rules

When asked about the internal duel, Hamilton and Rosberg agreed: 'The season starts from zero. It will be a tight number again.' While Rosberg is happy about the restrictions on the radio, Hamilton criticizes. 'You have to remember a lot more now. At the beginning we will see a lot of reminder stickers on the steering wheel. There will also be mistakes. Many of the things that are now prohibited make little sense to me because they have nothing to do with performance but are only there to keep the car running. '

Toto Wolff revealed that there will be some easing of the internal rules of behavior on the racetrack this year. The racing drivers have more freedom. Explanation: 'We relaxed the rules because after 3 years there is more trust.


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