Formula 1 season 2022: The pictures of the year

The season started with a duel between Ferrari and Red Bull and ended with Max Verstappen marching through. Despite the dominance of the world champion, the 2022 Formula 1 year had many highlights. We show them to you in the form of 75 exciting pictures.

In 2022, Formula 1 kept the big promise before the season. The new ground effect cars actually increased the quality of the duels. The cars cause less damaging turbulence than before. It is now easier for the attacker to follow the person in front. This increases the chances of overtaking manoeuvres. Catch-up hunts are better possible. Max Verstappen demonstrated it several times.

The fans flocked to the racetracks of this world. Formula 1 is experiencing an incomparable hype. There were records everywhere. It just didn't want to work out with the tension. After initial difficulties, Max Verstappen and Red Bull were just too dominant for that. And Ferrari too flawed to challenge the rival with an actually fast car for a whole season.

73rd F1 season in history

One almost had to assume that it couldn't continue in the style of 2021. The protagonists probably wouldn't have endured so much drama and action right away. Nonetheless, it rarely got boring. 22 races spread over 246 days wrote many different stories.

The premiere of Formula 1 in Miami, which glittered but somehow didn't pick up. Ferrari's engine breakdowns in Spain, Azerbaijan and Austria – the latter particularly spectacular. Sergio Perez's victories in Monte Carlo and Singapore, the two real glamor races of Formula 1. Guanyu Zhou's jump over the barrier at Silverstone that terrified the world. Mick Schumacher's wild accident in qualifying in Jeddah, which cost Haas a car and Schumi Junior's GP participation.

The late safety car in Monza, which first made the tifosi happy and then left them angry. Max Verstappen's delayed World Cup celebration after points chaos in Suzuka. A Mercedes win in the penultimate Grand Prix of the season when the world thought the Verstappen-Red Bull combination was unbeatable. The Silver Arrows still celebrated - a moral boost for 2023. For Sebastian Vettel it was the last chapter of a glorious career.

The 73rd season in the history of the premier class had even more to offer. Like us, our photographer Wolfgang Wilhelm accompanied the Grand Prix circus around the world and captured both drivers and cars. You can see the result in our large photo show - the Formula 1 year 2022 in 75 pictures.


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