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Formula 1 season 2018: Our tops & amp; Flops of the year

The Formula 1 season 2018 in review
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N a, it wasn't like always. Even if Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have become world champions again. Even if Ferrari stumbled over its own feet again. Even if Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull drove their own race again and the gap to the midfield is consistently between one and two seconds, depending on the route.

Despite the clear lead of 88 points, there was tension in the air. For long stretches of the season one had the impression that Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel could make it. The challenger just made too many mistakes. Even Red Bull could still be expected after the first six races. But then Renault fell back in the development race against Ferrari and Mercedes, and Red Bull, too, went astray in the search for more downforce.

Renault Formula 1B winner

If the three were the three If the top teams had stayed at home, we would probably have all cheered without reservation. “There were really great races in midfield. Much better than at the top, ”said Sergio Perez. Once again, Formula 1B only managed a single podium finish, again at the Chaos Race in Baku. This time, Perez, a Force India pilot, was allowed to climb onto the podium. Even pull-ups do not help with the tire rules. More and more often the top teams succeeded in qualifying in Q2 with a harder tire compound. Thus the advantage of the free choice of tires from 11th place on the grid disappeared. At the first pit stop, the Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull drivers were already so ahead that they kept to themselves and did not fall back into the field.

Formula 1 2018: the top teams ahead, the midfield contested.

Also in the second category the premier class continuedthe team with the most money and the most employees will win. No matter what the representatives of the top teams say: money buys lap time and success. With 1,200 people, Renault is already working at the level of the World Cup candidates. The French national racing team still had to stretch. HaasF1 and Force India were hot on the heels of Renault. The Americans lost fourth place through their own mistakes, Force India with a tremendous game for survival. It was only in August that it was clear that the racing team would be saved.

Dinosaurs meet at the bottom of the table

At the bottom, two teams met again who had already seen better times. The dinosaurs McLaren and Williams are still in second and third place in the all-time ranking. Williams finished his worst season ever with just seven points in last place. McLaren would have ended up on the penultimate place had Fernando Alonso not mercilessly used all the minimal chances that were offered to him. The McLaren MCL33, like the Williams FW41, was a miscarriage.

It's been a long season. With 21 races you can quickly lose track of things and forget details. As a reminder, we have once again collected the highlights, winners and losers, tops and flops, excitement and annoyance, records and spectacular numbers for you.


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