Formula 1: Schumi in a good mood in Malaysia

Formula 1: Michael Schumacher in Malaysia
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D his good mood was not played. Michael Schumacher would not be able to do this at all. He's never been a good actor. On the eve of the first practice session for the Malaysia GP, the Mercedes driver presented himself as if he had won the last race. Completely different than in Bahrain, where he was rather cool and reserved. No trace of anger that in the end only a tenth place and a championship point jumped out.

Limits also apply to Schumacher

'In Melbourne I exhausted the maximum that was possible with the car. It there are limits. I'm not a magician either. ' Life was just not a request concert, philosophized Schumacher, and one had to tick off the stupid start-up crash in Melbourne quite calmly as a racing accident. 'I've been in business long enough to accept that. For a moment after my good start, I thought that it might be enough for the podium today, and then I could forget about it again.'

At the moment, the seven-time world champion does not get the fun factor from the results, but from the task. 'I enjoy catching up with the team. Even if it takes a little longer. I feel in my element.' New notes from someone spoiled for success? Not at all. Perhaps Schumacher took Rubens Barrichello's advice to heart, who said: 'If things don't go so well, you have to temporarily look for new goals.'

Praise for Fernando Alonso

Praise for Fernando Alonso comes easily from his lips. 'Fernando drove a great race in Australia. The fact that he caught up more than me is certainly due to the fact that the Ferrari is a little better than our car at the moment, but also at the pit stops where I lost time.' Rust - because of rust. 'I felt a lot less rusty in Melbourne.' In retrospect, like in Bahrain, the decisive mistake was made in qualifying. 'We had a good Saturday morning, then took a step back with the setup, and that was maybe a step too many.'

Since Red Bull has been trimming its cars more towards qualification, word has got around that a good setup is more important than the optimal race set-up for the hunt for the best starting position. 'Maybe we should do something there toowork more aggressively in this direction ', ponders Schumacher.

Rain again in Malaysia

The GP Malaysia is determined by the weather again this year. Also on Thursday the big downpour came punctually at 5.15pm. Everything was under water within five minutes. The Grand Prix would have to be canceled on Sunday under such conditions. 'Rain is good,' grinned Schumacher, 'but only if it comes at the right moment . The way it is pouring here, it's pure lottery. You can do more wrong than right. 'After the daily tropical rain you can now set the clock in Sepang.' It would be a miracle if it were different on Sunday, 'says Schumacher calmly.' You just have to make the best of it . '

Perhaps Schumacher is also in such a good mood because he was told what the simulation data of the car promises that will bring Mercedes to the top from Barcelona. When asked about the McLaren trick, it shows Ex-champion not in the least concerned: 'It's not always just one thing that a car makes fast. A lot of things play a role here. It must have taken McLaren a long time to develop this system. You shouldn't believe that the others just copy it in the blink of an eye with the same efficiency. '

With this, Schumacher does not want to claim that Mercedes is losing sight of the topic:' We are developing in every corner Edges. 'Said, warned all bystanders not to be fooled on April 1st and left a stunned audience.


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