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Formula 1: Schumacher's wheel nut: Impact wrench the problem?

Schumacher's wheel nut
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L ose wheel nuts are not an isolated case. It happened to Nick Heidfeld in 2007 in his BMW in Barcelona. McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton during training for the 2007 European GP at the Nürburgring. Sebastian Vettel recently in Melbourne. Michael Schumacher got it at the GP Malaysia. Experience shows: wheel nuts are a highly complex technical matter that is often underestimated.

The impact wrench was obviously the problem

After During the race, the guesswork at the Mercedes engineering office was great. The wheel nut was gone, the hub badly damaged. But Formula 1 engineers are like criminologists. You feel after every possible source of error. And it now seems to have been found. Apparently one of the impact wrenches failed to pull the wheels up before take-off and developed too little pressure. Luckily, under the circumstances, Nico Rosberg was not affected. 'Whatever it was in the end, even if it was only part of the equipment, we will turn it off,' promises Mercedes race director Norbert Haug.

The gala performance of the other consoles the other's bad luck. Nico According to Haug in Sepang, Rosberg drove 'the strongest race I have ever seen of him.' As it became known only after crossing the finish line, the third-placed driver struggled with an upset stomach during the 56 laps. With sauna temperatures of 34 degrees no fun. 'Nico drove a very mature race ', praised Haug.' With the material he had available, third place counts like a victory. Despite his physical condition, he has never let up and has proceeded according to the motto: I drive as fast as I have to. 'Rosberg always had his direct opponent Robert Kubica under control.

Fastest tire change in Sepang

According to Haug, the pit team also deserves applause. 'We were now the fastest at the stop for the second time. In Melbourne there wasn't one of the two-stoppers who spent less time in the pit lane than we did. And in Sepang we had the absolutely fastest tire change. '

Rosberg was also convincing in rain training. Second in training and the fastest of the drivers who started the water battle with extreme weather tires. And that was with the exception of pole man Mark Webber all. 'The same was true for Nico as for everyone else. He had to perfect the one lap in which a fast time was possible with the extreme weather tiresget it. And he did that even better than the eventual winner Sebastian Vettel. 'Haug believes that Rosberg's market value has increased significantly after his training number:' Nico was previously not known as the rain king. I'm sure people will think differently about that now. '


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