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Formula 1: Schumacher and Alonso on the subject of boredom

Formula 1: Schumacher and Alonso for a discussion about boredom
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W How can you do that is more overtaken in Formula 1? This question is not new, but since the season opener in Bahrain at the latest it has been discussed anew and passionately. Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso cannot avoid the fans' criticism of the main problem of Formula 1. The question of all questions also occupies multiple world champions. But both approach the problem more rationally than emotionally.

Known problem for Schumacher

Michael Schumacher sees the discussion as an infusion of a well-known dilemma : 'Formula 1 has never been an overtaking course. In the past, the tactics more often decided the outcome of a race than an overtaking maneuver on the track. With one pit stop the options are more limited than with two. We can't change anything about that It is impossible to reintroduce the refueling stops overnight. The tension is now being shifted to another topic. We can only make the best of the situation. '

Schumacher criticizes the new rules:' It thinks itself But nobody cares to make things worse on purpose. The rule changes were approved in good faith that it will get better. Today we know: The field in which you can do something better than the competition is noc h got closer. '

Alonso sees no reason for criticism

Fernando Alonso also advises keeping the ball flat:' Bahrain was a race. It would be wrong to be quick to judge the rest of the season. There will be races where one of the two tire compounds breaks down, and then it will be exciting again. 'The Spaniard warns above all against building in artificial moments of tension.' That would no longer be Formula 1 as we love it. '

The Spaniard cannot understand the accusation that Bahrain was a race to fall asleep: 'I watched a video of the race. It really wasn't that bad. Up front there was the three-way battle between Vettel and the two Ferraris. Who knows how tight it would have been if Vettel hadn't had a technical problem? Behind them, Rosberg and Hamilton fought for third place for half the race. And in the third group, Schumacher had to fend off attacks by Webber and Button. It is by no means the case that all the cars drove alone. '

Problem can hardly be changed

Alonso agrees with Schumacher that Formula 1 has been accompanied by the overtaking problem for years. 'That's nothing new. We've been talking for years about how difficult it is to follow another car.' Even two mandatory pit stops wouldn't help much. 'The super tactic that you use to win the race doesn't exist. No matter how many stops you make. Two stops per race wouldn't change much either.' Courage in Melbourne's Albert Park. 'This race almost always brought a safety car phase. That could create tension.'


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