Formula 1: Schumacher advertises fashion labels

Michael Schumacher promotes Jet Set and Navyboot
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M ichael Schumacher brings Formula 1 new attention . And it also brings new sponsors. But for now only for yourself.

Already with the presentation of the new Mercedes GP teams there was a small but fine difference between Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg. Schumacher wore a cap, Rosberg did not. On the silver headgear is Schumacher's loyal sponsor DVAG.

Jet Set and Navyboot advertise with Schumacher

Now two new advertising partners are joining. The exclusive outfitters Jet Set and Navyboot want to use the seven-time ex-world champion as an ambassador. The two clothing companies belong to the Swiss Gaydoul group.

Your boss Philippe Gaydoul is a well-known man in the Alpine republic. He is president of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation. The 38-year-old entrepreneur now wants to use Schumacher as a driving force for his companies. This is to be announced on Wednesday (9.2.) At a press conference in Munich.

Schumi leaves F1 colleagues behind

For Schumacher, the cash register rings. He has created enough space for private sponsors on his overall and cap. The annual salary of the record winner should be 21 million euros. This puts him in the price range of Fernando Alonso and far ahead of Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button or Sebastian Vettel.


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