Formula 1: Sauber debut for Kobayashi

Formula 1 test Valencia: Kamui Kobayashi
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E s lasted 20 rounds, and then had Kamui Kobayshi marked the second fastest lap of the day on Tuesday (3.2.). The Japanese was surprised: 'I hardly know the Valencia circuit. The last time I was here was five years ago in a Formula Renault. In a Formula 1, the lap feels much shorter.'

Kobayashi cautiously optimistic

Due to the lack of reference, Kobayashi is cautious about hasty comments about the car and driver. 'I have a good feeling, but it will be difficult to stay where we are now. I will only be able to say with certainty how good this car is at the next test, or maybe the next one.'

A good start to the test season is reassuring, but no guarantee that it will look the same at the start of the season in Bahrain. 'The cars will continue to develop over the next few weeks. We have to work hard to maintain our position.'

Kobayashi becomes Swiss

Kobayashi still has to get used to his new team. Compared to Toyota the one in Paris living Japanese on: 'The language at Clean is different. ' And the way of working is more relaxed. 'At Toyota, all headphones were on at the technical meetings. At Sauber, we talk normally.'

Kobayashi wants to give up his residence in Paris. 'I lived there because my GP2 team was based in France. But now it makes sense to move to Switzerland.' His teammate is already there. Pedro de la Rosa has lived in Zurich since 2007.


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