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Formula 1 rules 2015: Standing safety car start to the test

New Formula 1 rules for 2015
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I Within the framework of the sports directors' working group, new proposals and modifications to the regulations are regularly discussed. Also in Abu Dhabi. Several points are on the agenda. For example, the standing safety car starts that are to come in 2015.

Teams are discussing new Formula 1 rules for 2015

The team managers have unanimously opposed this. For the well-known reasons. Too dangerous, too cumbersome, too high a risk to be embarrassed. Especially in light of the fact that there may only be 18 cars in 2015. The additional starts could further decimate the field.

In the last meeting, a revision of the starting place penalties was also discussed. The hardliners want to get rid of them completely because it's hard to explain that the starting grid rarely matches the training result. The team managers propose a new system. Penalties for engine changes, gearbox damage, hindrances or collisions are no longer reflected in the starting grid, but are served with time penalties at the pit stops. Depending on the severity, times five, times ten seconds.

Overarching penalties should disappear

Penalties that are the same drag on for two races, should disappear. For example, the two-time penalty transfers for changing the engine. Daniil Kvyat met it recently. Because he could not completely reset the ten full starting positions in Austin, he had to take the remainder of the penalty in Brazil.

The change of the entire drive unit with a subsequent start from the pit lane should also be completely abolished. Sebastian Vettel had caused discussions with this variant in Austin. The Red Bull driver therefore only drove three alibi laps in qualifying.

The request from Lotus to seal the engine and transmission unit for the whole weekend in order to prevent that between Friday and on Saturday the change from old to new units was not approved by the top teams. This could have saved two people on the track.

The request from Mercedes to increase the number of demo days to four is also viewed critically. 'The teams will use the 15 kilometers to practice starts. There are disguised test days,' warns Lotus operations manager Alan Permane.

All ideas from the sports directors are presented to the strategy group. Only when Bernie Ecclestone, Jean Todt and the team bosses from Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes, McLaren andWilliams agree, there is a vote in the Formula 1 Commission and finally in the FIA ​​World Council. The chances that the standing safety car starts fail together with the double points is relatively high. For once, the teams agree on these two points.


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