Formula 1: Robert Kubica still skeptical

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Formula 1: Robert Kubica
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' It's difficult to say where we are and will be. To be honest, I have no idea where we are ' said Kubica on Thursday (March 11th) in Bahrain.

Formula 1: Kubica relies on time

The test drives gave at least one small indication. If one only looks at the test runs in Jerez, one would see Renault not that bad at all, explains the Pole, but in Barcelona the worm was there. In addition, because of the different fuel quantities, the test drives only provided limited information about the status of the individual teams. 'I think we have to wait a few more races,' said Kubica. 'We have achieved most of what we set out to do in February. We are ready.'

Kubica, like all other Formula 1 drivers, is happy that things are finally going again. The speculation about the future of Renault's Formula 1 involvement in winter is a thing of the past. 'I think we need time,' said the Pole. 'If you look at last year, we start from far behind. Most of the teams designed their cars on the basis of last year's car. We have to see that we develop further and catch up.'

Kubica compares not with Alonso

As for the new team, Kubica had no problems getting used to it. Of course, there are differences between the teams in terms of mentality and working methods, but the Renault driver felt at home straight away and only had to change things like the different arrangement of buttons on the steering wheel. But he doesn't want to be a replacement for Fernando Alonso. 'I'm me and I try to do my job,' says Kubica confidently. 'Everyone at Renault knows that the times when you won world championships are long gone. We have to be realistic and do a better job than last year.'

Kubica does not see his new team-mate Vitaly Petrov as an obstacle. His lack of experience in a Formula 1 car hardly played a role in the test drives. 'The drivers only give feedback and a direction for further development. Sure, he's new and has to learn. That will definitely take time. But I think he's okay.'


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