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Formula 1: Robert Kubica expects Barcelona conditions in Istanbul

Formula 1: Robert Kubica
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R obert Kubica is sixth in the after six races Overall ranking of the drivers' championship. That is more than many expected. After finishing second in Melbourne, third place in Monte Carlo was already the second podium for the Renault driver this season.

Aerodynamic qualities required at the Turkish GP

The Pole but doubts whether the soaring at the GP Turkey will continue. 'The racetrack is similar to that of Barcelona. There are many fast corners, the surface is flat, you don't have to go over the curbs. So the same qualities are required of the car as in Barcelona.'

That means aerodynamics and again aerodynamics. And the Renault R30 lacks the downforce for the fast corners. 'I don't expect any big surprises. It will be the ones in the front who are usually in front on this type of track. It doesn't make sense to dream of being on the front row.'

Had in the last few races Renault is getting closer and closer to Mercedes GP. Kubica has his doubts whether this trend will continue: 'Some of our competitors are launching the F-shaft, which gives them better top speed. The example of Sauber in Barcelona showed how much that can be achieved if this system works. We don't have it on board yet, so we may fall a little behind. '

New front wing is used

The Renault engineers have one instead new front wing in the luggage. He should continue the positive trend. Renault has found one second on the car since the test drives began. Kubica also praises the progress, in which he is not entirely uninvolved: 'The engineers listen to me. At first there were still doubts, but since the barrier was broken we have made good progress.'

An Renault's number one does not want to think about the coming season. 'It's too early to worry about the next year. I'm concentrating on my job. My decision to join Renault was the right one, although some people advised me against it. But apparently my feelings have not betrayed me. Me I hope it stays that way in the future. '


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