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Formula 1: Mercedes GP helmet design
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At the Presentation of the new Silver Arrow in the Mercedes Museum, Michael Schumacher already admitted that F errari is still part of his heart. With his new helmet for the 2010 season, Schumi is now showing to the outside world that his red phase has not yet been completed.

Schumacher with a red helmet since 2000

In his new silver company car, the red helmet stands out even more than in the Ferrari. The fact that the record champion is now driving at Mercedes is particularly evident from the clearly visible star on the front. Shiny silver lines on the helmet provide new accents. The Ferrari horse naturally had to give way to the new paint job.

Slight changes to the GP2 test

Schumacher was already with one at his GP2 test in Jerez red helmet with Mercedes star on the way. At that time, however, the separate lines and symbols on the head protection developed by Schuberth were still white and not silver.

Nico Rosberg also relies on the well-known design. As with Williams, the Mercedes newcomer drives with a blue and yellow headgear. As before, the visor has a bluish mirror. Even his father Keke Rosberg drove to his successes in Formula 1 with a yellow helmet. Due to the contrasting colors, the two Mercedes drivers can be distinguished at a glance in the coming season.


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