Formula 1: Red Bull presents new RB6

Formula 1: Red Bull RB6 presented in Valencia
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The R ed Bull RB6 has finally seen the light of day. The small ceremony to kick off the second week of testing in Jerez, Spain, was eagerly awaited. On Wednesday morning the time had come: the pilot duo Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber revealed the secret of the latest creation by star designer Adrian Newey bit by bit.

Red Bull RB6: Evolution instead of revolution

But what came out under the cloth wasn't the big revolution you would expect from a Newey car. More like an evolution that Vettel had already announced before the presentation. Last year the experts could still be enthusiastic about the extravagant RB5, which promptly proved to be the fastest car in the field. Only the highlight with the double diffuser was overslept by Red Bull, which is why the championship went to the competition from Brawn GP in the end.

So that that doesn't happen again this time, the entire car has been around the all-important output donor in the Heck constructed. 'An obvious difference is that our 2009 car was not developed for a double diffuser. We had to retrofit it as best we could. With this car we were able to incorporate that into the design from the start.'

The suspension of the front wing and the nose were also modified. The two bumps on the front are now even more pronounced than last year. In 2009 the Red Bull was the first car with the now fashionable wave on its nose.

No revolutionary concepts in the RB6

'The RB6 is one Further development of the 2009 car. We tried to improve the existing rather than try out new concepts. As a result, the car looks similar. Elements from the chassis or the rear tension strut damping from the previous year have been retained, 'explains Chief Designer Adrian Newey.

'The two biggest challenges were the bigger tank and the narrower front tire. The tank meant more work than just installing a bigger one - there is now a higher load on the brakes, so the brake cooling had to be adjusted. We also had to factor in what effects the higher weight has on tire wear at the beginning of a race and how we can react to it mechanically. '

Renault power under the hood

A Renault V8 is still working under the extended hood. At the end of last season there had been long deliberations as to whether one should not change the engine partner. The alternatives Mercedes and Cosworth were ruled out in the end for various reasons, so that in 2010, too, tried and tested material was used. The Renault is not considered the most powerful engine in the field, but its consumption is very competitive. With the refueling ban in 2010, this could be an important trump card in the fight for the title.

Normally, Vettel always gives his new car a name, which is then clearly visible in the cockpit. For the RB6, the Heppenheimer has not yet come up with anything. 'I'm still thinking about it,' said the German on the sidelines of the presentation. The goal for the new season, on the other hand, is already clear: 'I don't have to think long. That was already clear last year: to become world champion!'

Rain hinders the test start

After Red Bull missed the first three days of testing in Valencia, Vettel and Webber have to make up lost ground in Jerez. However, the prelude fell through. Due to rain in the morning, the first test laps were a little slower than planned. Before the lunch break, the Australian had to park his new company car on the track with a defect.

After Webber did his first laps on Wednesday and Thursday, Vettel will then develop the Red Bull RB6 further on Friday and Saturday . Then the first meeting with Michael Schumacher will take place.


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