Formula 1: Red Bull Pool Party in Monaco

Formula 1: Double victory in Monaco
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D ass the Red Bull is the fastest car in the field was known even before the Grand Prix one-two in Barcelona and Monte Carlo. However, after the series of bankruptcies at the beginning of the season, many experts did not expect that the cars of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber could suddenly win victories on the assembly line.

Four podium places in seven days

Finally the good starting positions are being converted into corresponding results. With a bit of luck, both Red Bulls landed on the podium in Spain. The one-two in Monaco, on the other hand, was deserved, even if Robert Kubica could keep up with the high pace.

The reward for the work: For the first time, Red Bull is leading both World Cup rankings. In the driver class, Vettel and Webber share the top with 78 points each. The dynamic duo was able to gain a lead of 20 points in the Constructors' Cup.

A proud day for Red Bull

'We have now won two Grands Prix in a row, one of which one of them was Monaco too - the most prestigious race on the whole calendar, 'said team boss Christian Horner, happily afterwards. 'This is a proud day for the whole Red Bull Racing team. A great result and proof of the hard work behind the scenes that made such a day possible.'

After crossing the finish line and the A champagne shower in the royal box, Webber and Vettel really let it rip. The whole team celebrated an exuberant pool party on the floating Red Bull Motorhome. No eye should stay dry during the humid and cheerful break. The team bosses were not spared either.

Webber and Vettel from the pool into the sea

First, winner Webber was sent to bathe by his team. Instead of rubber ducks, the Australian took his huge trophy with him into the pool. But he shouldn't be alone for long: Sebastian Vettel followed first, then the rest of the team. Even team boss Christian Horner, designer Adrian Newey and Vettel's father Norbert had to endure the pool christening and in the end looked like doused poodles.

Since the pool on the sun deck was soon completely overcrowded, they switched Vettel and Webber from fresh to salt water. With one big leap from the upper deck of the motor home, both pilots jumped parallel into the harbor basin. Even the bitterly cold Mediterranean could not dampen the mood. In Istanbul, the Red Bull Party should do that in two weeksnext time stop. If the cold shower doesn't follow ...


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