Formula 1: Red Bull attacks Mercedes

Formula 1: Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko
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The Swabian group resisted these attacks. ' McLaren was the exclusive partner and did not agree . Mercedes would have its engine on R ed Bull Racing and these facts are so well known to Red Bull ', said a Mercedes spokesman on Tuesday (March 16).

Marko criticized in an interview with the Austrian Broadcaster ServusTV also said that Mercedes had obtained an 'immense basic advantage' in regulating the costs of the engines by making optimal use of the time when the regulations came into force. The Mercedes spokesman said, referring to the International Automobile Association FIA: 'Everything our technicians have done is strictly in accordance with the regulations and coordinated with the FIA. The FIA ​​will be happy to confirm this.'

Marko: 'Respectable Schumacher comeback'

Red Bull, for which Vice World Champion Sebastian Vettel (Heppenheim) drives, uses Renault engines as in previous years. The team was interested in Mercedes eight-cylinders. The Swabian company originally wanted to supply Red Bull as well, but could not do so because of the veto of its British partner. This season, apart from the new Silver Arrow, Mercedes engines are again in the McLaren and in the Force India .

Marko certified returnees Michael Schumacher that he had made' a respectable comeback '. The record world champion no longer has the advantage of earlier, where he could test at will. 'He doesn't love a car that understeers, which is almost inevitably given by the conception due to the narrower front tires,' said Marko. 'So he'll struggle, just as Mercedes will struggle to catch up.'


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