Formula 1: press reviews on the Australian GP

Formula 1: Press comments on the Australian Grand Prix
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G United Kingdom:

Daily Telegraph : Jenson Button injects excitement into Formula 1 with McLaren victory. Boring? Who said something about boring?

The Times : Jenson Button stormed to victory in a dramatic Australian Grand Prix. The agony and ecstasy of Formula 1 could be seen, the free run of passions with high octane ratings, as two world champions and teammates experienced the ups and downs in the fast lane.

The Guardian : Lewis Hamilton on 180 after Jenson Button makes the right decision for the first win.

The Sun: Lewis Hamilton's hell weekend ended with a rant against his team after the 'Ride of a Lifetime' was ruined by a mess at the Australian Grand Prix.

Daily Mail : Jenson, the brains champion.


La Gazzetta dello Sport : Button leaves everyone standing. Jenson is the strategy magician. Ferrari flies up and away. Massa is on the podium, Super-Alonso is fourth - the record is okay. Schumacher's tenth place raises further doubts about his comeback, which so far lives on memories but not on his current performances. Schumi looks like the wrong twin brother of Michael, who won everything.

Tuttosport : Ferrari is an armada - Massa is third and Alonso puts on a show.

Corriere dello Sport : Yes, Ferrari is great!

Il Secolo XIX : Just one point for Schumi.

Corriere della Sera : Alonso creates a masterpiece. Button gives Kubica and Massa a lesson. Vettel in bad luck. The paint on Schumi is off.

La Repubblica : Overtaking maneuvers, accidents and adrenaline - Button triumphs and Ferrari smiles: Massa comes third, then comes Grande Alonso.


El País : Jenson Button proved why he is world champion. He won a crazy and thrilling race from the start. Unlike last year, he doesn't even drive the best racing car in the field.

El Periódico de Catalunya : It was said,the Formula 1 races have become boring because the course can be foreseen. The Australian Grand Prix proved just the opposite. 2010 will be a great year for Formula 1 racing.

Marca : Fernando Alonso puts Schumacher in his place. After a failed start, the Ferrari driver drives a race in the style of a world champion and comes fourth after a great race to catch up.

As : A gala performance by Fernando Alonso: The Spaniard was last after a collision with Button in the first corner and still fought for fourth place in a breathtaking race.


O Jogo : So they still exist in Formula 1, overtaking maneuvers and exciting moments ... Button has shown that he can be reckoned with and that he will be more than just a helper for Lewis at McLaren Hamilton.

Público : Does anyone else complain about the lack of tension? There was a spectacle in Australia.


France Soir : Button, the King of Melbourne. Sebastian Vettel, who wanted a 'boring race' to keep his pole position, was not heard by the gods of Formula 1.

Liberation : For Button, it is Non-slip. The Brit prevailed at the Australian Grand Prix because he put on slick tires in front of his competitors.

Le Figaro : Jenson Button retained his rank in Australia. The world's number one accounts. There is a curse on Sebastian Vettel. But where is Schumi?

Switzerland :

View: The great show. The solution to all boredom problems in Formula 1 has exactly five letters: rain. As soon as it gets wet on the racetrack, the drivers' eggs are ground.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung: The Australian Grand Prix kept what the combination of the street circuit and changing weather conditions promised would have. After the second World Championship round of the season, there is no longer any talk of the 'boredom formula' that was often quoted at the start two weeks ago.

Austria :

Kurier : Formula 1 is another spectacle - and World Champion Jenson Button is back.

Kronen Zeitung : Bewitched! Vettel pursued by the defect devil.

Standard : What a circus in Albert Park. It didn't take much to follow the desolate procession of Bahrain with an exciting second race of the season in Formula 1. A defect in Sebastian Vettel, a bit of rain and winner Jenson Button.

Austria : Drama about Vettel - Button cheers ... After the Snore Grand Prix two weeks ago in Bahrain really got down to business this time.

Brazil :

Globoesporte : One of the most exciting races in recent times.

Argentina :

Clarín : Button found a present (...) Just like in Bahrain, the race had a lucky winner after the man who had clearly dominated the two Grand Prix for a long time had to give up due to technical problems. Both times it was Sebastian Vettel who left empty-handed, even though he had all the victory cards in hand.


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