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Formula 1 prediction game 2010: Winner & amp; Prices

Formula 1 prediction game 2010
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D he Formula 1 season 2010 was more exciting than ever one before. The picture on the podium kept changing. Three teams and four drivers fought for the important titles until the very end.

It was not easy for the participants in our big Formula 1 prediction game to find a favorite. If you wanted to be successful, you had to keep adjusting the order. The author of these lines had to determine how difficult it was, who only landed in the middle of the field with 212 points.

Main prize goes to user 'rumoll'

User 'rumoll' has done a lot better employed. With a total of 245 points, he secured victory and the main prize - a 20 inch LED TV from Sharp. Second place with 238 points went to 'avus', who can look forward to driving dynamics training. Overall, the first 44 players can look forward to material prizes.

You can find out who can look forward to a prize from the list. In the event of a tie, the more precise tip of the overall classification decided. In our photo show we have the prices in the picture again.


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