Formula 1 Power Ranking GP England 2012

Formula 1 Power Ranking GP England
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D his world championship could be a duel between Red Bull and Ferrari run out. With Lotus in wait. The GP England was a reflection of this forecast. McLaren also got bogged down in their tire problems at the home game. As this happens more and more often, the pole position in Barcelona and the win in Montreal have to be said to be a coincidence. In a positive way.

Mercedes proved at Silverstone that you only have one car for certain routes and conditions. Rain would have been good. The Silver Arrows were too slow on dry slopes. Fast corners are not Mercedes' territory.

Everything stayed the same on the pursuit positions. At Sauber and Williams, the Valencia drama continued seamlessly. Both cars are good for podiums. But something always comes up. Either wrong decisions by the race engineers or blackouts by the drivers.

Force India does not come forward

Force India did not get any closer despite an elaborate technology package. This could be because Sauber and Williams also upgraded, or the rainy weather prevented the advances because the teams lost a lot of time testing their new components.

Toro Rosso had hardly any news on the car and stayed in ninth place. The Caterham attack fizzled out. There, too, one puzzled whether it was the weather or the characteristics of the route, why the upgrades did not work as planned.

Marussia also seemed to be treading on the spot despite the extensive technical package. At least in training. During the race there was a ray of light on the horizon. Timo Glock with his fastest race lap was ahead of Pastor Maldonado and Heikki Kovalainen. HRT saw no land at Silverstone. A car with little downforce is lost on a track where downforce counts.

Power Ranking GP England 2012

Here is a brief overview of our power ranking. As usual, you can find the detailed form check of all twelve teams in the picture gallery.

  1. Red Bull (1)
  2. Ferrari (2)
  3. Lotus (3 )
  4. McLaren (4)
  5. Mercedes (5)
  6. Sauber (6)
  7. Williams (7)
  8. Force India (8)
  9. Toro Rosso (9)
  10. Caterham (10)
  11. Marussia (11)
  12. HRT F1 (12)

* in brackets the placement after the GPEurope


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