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Formula 1 of the future: aggressive cars with 1,200 hp

Oriol Folch Garcia
Formula 1 of the future
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The four will meet on Tuesday, January 6th Chief designer of the engine manufacturer in Geneva. Then it's about the engines of the future. Bernie Ecclestone put his wishes into three words: stronger, louder, cheaper. A concept has to be on the table by the end of January. The goal is over 1,000 hp and more noise. However, based on the existing drive sources.

Many points are discussed here. It is certain that the flow rate limitation will fall. The consumption limit may also increase. The position of the wastegate valve in the exhaust tract, the diameter of the tailpipe and the number of turbochargers are also up for discussion. A bi-turbo is not excluded. In addition, components such as batteries or electric motors are to be standardized. To save costs.

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The cars should also change their face. Wider tires, more aggressive optics, more power than downforce, so that racing becomes a ride on the cannonball again. Niki Lauda warns against rushes: 'We have to invent a racing car of the future, and not dig up one of the past. Formula 1 has to offer the most aggressive driving machine in conjunction with 1,200 hp. If you do it right, the cars have to have wider tires again have, become faster and be harder to drive. '

Creating coherent regulations by 2016 is a titanic task. Even if Bernie Ecclestone urges you to hurry. 'There is no point in breaking something that is wrong again,' says Lauda.

'It's almost impossible for 2016. Something sensible can only come out if we take our time until 2017. Then the manufacturers' investments in the drive sources are more worthwhile. Honda would then only have built its engine for one season. You need a certain stability. Otherwise everything will be incredibly expensive. '

We show you in our picture galleryvarious concepts of how the Formula 1 car of the future could look.


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