Formula 1: No new parts for Rosberg

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Nico Hülkenberg:

N ico Hülkenberg will not fight with the same weapons at the Spanish GP as his team-mate Rubens Barrichello. The Brazilian gets the new front wing and underbody first. If everything goes according to plan in production, Hülkenberg could also enjoy the new sub-floor on Saturday. 'The engineers tested in the wind tunnel up to the last minute, so there is now a shortage of parts.' The German has no problem with that: 'We have a clear rule: if you have more points in your account, you get new parts first if there is only one copy. That is absolutely fair. For me it is even more incentive to drive as fast as Rubens. '

Hulkenberg will be in a FW32, China, in Barcelona, ​​with the exception that on Friday you might try an old front wing, which was already proving its worth in tests on the Catalan circuit in February would have. 'Somehow the car has never been this good since then,' puzzles the man from the Lower Rhine region. 'We are currently well behind Renault and Force India, roughly on par with Sauber and Toro Rosso.' The hope is in Istanbul: 'Then there will be a bigger step in aerodynamics.' Perhaps the rear wing trick will also be ready for use by the GP Turkey. There will be another test of the system in Barcelona on Friday.

Sebastian Vettel:

Sebastian Vettel came to Barcelona with a new haircut for the European opener. A little trimmed hair, but not as short as it usually starts the new season. A lot has also been revised on the car. 'We're always trying to move forward. Also, like Fernando Alonso, I have a new hairstyle. I even got a little more down. Maybe that makes me a little faster,' joked the cheerful Heppenheimer.

For the Red Bull driver, the target is obvious. If you start from pole position three times and win only once, you have to work on converting it from Saturday to Sunday. 'We're very strong on Saturday, but unfortunately there aren't any points. In theory, I could have won four times. Two times the technology had something against it, once I did it and in China we somehow didn't get out of it on Sunday Car pulled out, what we did on Saturday. We have to work on that. Wehave to be as good on Sunday as on Saturday. '

Adrian Sutil:

Adrian Sutil was only able to fulfill his point request once in the first four races. But Force India also wants to be in Spain -Pilot attack again. 'We can ride with the top ten', Sutil is certain. Some technical innovations should also help. Where exactly the Force India has improved, Sutil did not want to reveal yet: 'The overall package will simply be different . You cannot name individual areas now. All-round little things have been improved on the car. '

But Graefelfinger does not have high hopes for a big step forward in the overall standings.' The wind tunnel tells us that this will bring a good jump. But all of them come here with updates, so it's hard to tell. I don't think that the field will be changed much here. 'Sutil still has to wait for the miraculous rear wing based on the McLaren model.' We haven't yet had the F-Duct system on the car. We don't have any planning yet as to when we will introduce this. We're working on it, but it has to really work first so that we can test it on the racetrack. '

Nico Rosberg:

Nico Rosberg doesn't seem to trust the roast yet The newcomer to the Mercedes travels to the Spanish Grand Prix as second in the World Championship and has always been able to keep team-mate Michael Schumacher in check so far. 'But I have prepared myself for the fact that there will be a tough battle here again. Shanghai was an exception. You shouldn't read so much into it. 'With a revised car, the gap should be shortened.' However, the gap to Red Bull has been very large so far. It cannot be done in one step. I cannot say when exactly we will be able to win. That also depends on the competition. '

The most important innovations on the Silver Arrow are an extended wheelbase and a new air inlet on the airbox. The rear wing system from McLaren will not yet be copied in Barcelona. That it was able to score consistently with the weakening Silver Arrow, Rosberg is not only blaming his own performance. 'We simply made the best of the possibilities.' Nevertheless, Rosberg is pleased that he has significantly strengthened his position in the team since the beginning of the season. 'The other team members put more hope in me now. The mechanics listen to me more. I had to work out this position first. Due to his great success, the words of Michael Schumacher automatically have more weight at the beginning.

Timo Glock:

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