Formula 1: New Williams FW32 spotted

Formula 1 2010: Williams FW32
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N ico Hülkenberg drove a few test laps on the for web recordings traditional Grand Prix track. The loud Cosworth V8 apparently also startled a few photographers, who promptly shot down the blue and white Formula 1 racer.

New front shows the trend

As with the Ferrari presented the day before, the nose of the new wandered Williams clearly up. The McLaren presentation on Friday (January 29th) also showed that the 2010 trend is clearly towards a flattened carbon tube, under which the air can flow cleanly towards the double diffuser.

Otherwise, the 'Erlkönig' was much more conservative than the new McLaren. The airbox still has the same shape as last year. Williams did not let the cat out of the bag in terms of wings either. How much the car will change will probably only be seen during the tests on Monday. The day before, there will be more precise images from all angles during the official presentation.


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