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A m Monday (1.2.) the formula met -1 commission in Paris and discussed the still uncertain rules for the 2010 season. The resolutions of this meeting must now be approved by the FIA ​​World Motorsport Council within the next 48 hours.

The new points system is controversial

One of the most discussed decisions is likely to be the approval of the new points system, in which the winner will henceforth 25 points and thus seven points more than the runner-up receives. This is supposed to give a victory more meaning. So far the winner got ten points and the second eight points. The graduation is now structured as follows: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1. Above all, critics criticize the fact that the statistics of the past few years are now losing importance and successes will no longer be comparable.

Fewer sets of tires and limitations of the diffuser

But the points system will not be the only innovation that fans and experts will have to get used to. Something has also changed in terms of tires. The tires will be limited from 14 to 11 sets in the future. The main aim of this is to do tire manufacturer Bridgestone a favor, for which the costs are reduced enormously. The rule that three sets of tires must be returned on Friday (1st session one set of hard compound, 2nd session: one set of hard and soft compound each) was introduced to force the teams to go out on the track on Friday. It's a service for the fans. If you don't drive, you waste these tire sets because you can't keep them until Saturday. You are irrevocably gone. In addition, the tension should be increased by the first ten on the grid going into the race with the qualifying tires.

Another change from the 2011 season concerns the diffuser. In the future, the height will be limited from 175 millimeters to 125 millimeters and further measures have been decided to avoid double diffusers. In addition, it was agreed to work out proposals for new environmentally friendly technologies in the future.


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