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Formula 1: New Ferrari F10 presented in Maranello

Formula 1: Ferrari F10
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After the disappointing season last year, F errari at least when it comes to the presentation of the new car. Four days before the first test on Monday (February 2nd) in Valencia, the Scuderia presented the new Ferrari F10 to the public in Maranello.

Return to the top of Formula 1

'The past championship was not very positive for us. That's why we want to be competitive again now,' said team boss Stefano Domenicali. In the previous year, Ferrari mostly drove behind, only the now deported Finn Kimi Räikkönen achieved a Grand Prix victory. The Italians have high hopes for the two-time world champion Fernando Alonso, who was signed by Renault. 'He is already one of the great champions of Formula 1. It is the right moment for him and for us,' said the team boss.

On the other hand, Felipe Massa has the last doubts about his performance after his long injury break clear out. The 2008 vice world champion had a serious accident in Hungary last July and then missed the second half of the season. 'We're talking about a new version of Felipe. He can now return to the path that fate interrupted in Hungary,' said Domenicali.

Design borrowings from Red Bull

However, the past season has also clearly shown that even the best drivers do not win with a bad car can. That is why development of the 56th Formula 1 monoposto from Ferrari began in the spring of last year. Already in summer the resources were completely shifted to the new model.

The external shape of the new 'Red Goddess' is very reminiscent of the Red Bull from the previous season. The nose has grown significantly in width and is attached higher. There are two humps at the level of the front axle to reinforce the chassis at the rocker arms. 'We had to refine the double diffuser, double the size of the tank and adapt the car to the new regulations with smaller front tires and a higher minimum weight,' explains Technical Director Aldo Costa.

Ferrari F10 fundamentally different

The hubcaps are no longer allowed in 2010 either. So the rims can be seen again in the new season. 'You don't see a huge difference from the outside, but you can see the caris fundamentally different, 'assures Costa.' We are convinced that this car is a big step forward, even if we don't know what our competitors will bring. '

Despite the development ban, the engine was also worked on At least where the regulations allow: 'We have worked hard on fuel consumption. With the refueling ban, every liter less weight means a gain in time on the route, 'explains engine manager Luca Marmorini.' We have redesigned the exhaust system and optimized the electronics. Our partner Shell also helped us with this. 'Head of Design Nicolas Tombazis specifies:' The gearbox was also designed to be narrower. The rear suspension had to be changed to make room for the double diffuser. 'The rear wing is now also attached to the chassis with two struts.

The planned shakedown is canceled

From the outside, the main eye catcher is the new paintwork: the rear and front wings as well as the side wind deflectors are now kept in white to better showcase the new main sponsor Santander The basic color of the chassis will of course remain Ferrari red in the 61st year of Formula 1. In the afternoon, Felipe Massa was supposed to do the first laps with the new car on the test track in Fiorano. However, the bad weather prevented the shakedown>


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